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OLLI Stony Brook 2nd year FALL

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Long Island towns 12.17 OLLI.doc


October 23, 2017

new reading for caput 7o.n. 7 reading new.doc





Grammatical structures


     s.  d.o.  v. (transitive)

     s.  v. (intransitive), often with a prep phrase

     Purpose clauses: ut/nē + imperfect subjunctive

     Indirect statement—
        head verb + d.o. + infinitive
               Audivit puer vaccam per agros currere
               Audivit puer vaccam dominum oppugnare

     Relative clauses

     Needy verbs and complementary infinitive




     Imperfect— -bat

               amabat, monebat, ponebat, audiebat

                     “was ___ing,

                         used to ____”

     Imperfect subjunctive –infinitive (2nd p.p.) plus-t

               amāret, monēret, poneret, audīret


     Perfect-3rd p.p. + -t

               amāvit, monuit, posuit, audīvit







                                 1st          2nd          3rd


     subject               -a          -us/r          ?


     d.o.                    -am         -um          -em


     d.o. plural          -ās          -ōs            -ēs


Opus novum, recensio capita 1-4.doc

o.n. 3 extra purpose sentences.doc

o.n. Recensio 5-7.doc

opus novum fall 2017.doc

o.n. caput 8, fall17.doc

o.n. 6 silly relative sentence.doc


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