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Latin Web Pages

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http://www.vroma.org/Bonefas, Suzanne, and Barbara F. McManus. VRoma. A Virtual Community for Teaching and Learning Classics.

Catalog of Roman Coins.http://artemis.austincollege.edu/acad/cml/rcape/vcrc/ Cape, Robert. Virtual  

The Perseus Digital Library  http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/ Crane, Gregory. 

The Ancient Roman Calendar.Douma, Michael, ed.  http://webexhibits.org/calendars/calendar-roman.html

The Vergil Project .Farrell, Joseph, ed.  http://vergil.classics.upenn.edu/

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean. Interactive Ancient Mediterranean. http://iam.classics.unc.edu/

atlas of the ancient Mediterranean world Map of Greece / Map of Mediterranean Basin / Map of Italy


Maps of the Roman Empire   http://intranet.dalton.org/groups/rome/RMaps.html

O'Hara, Jim. Vergil: Some Links to On-Line Resources.


RomanCoins.Info Roman Numismatic Gallery: Roman Coins, Sculpture, Military Equipment


This site is misnamed. In addition to Roman coins, it is an excellent resource for Roman sculpture and military equipment.

Ephemeris (Latin news) http://ephemeris.alcuinus.net/



Translation exercises http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/latin/wheelock/contents.htm

grammar exercises http://people.hofstra.edu/Ilaria_Marchesi/text/list_exercises.htm 

De Imperitoribus Romanun- An on-line encyclopedia on the rulers of the Roman empire from 27 BC to 1453 CE.

Antique Roman Dishes http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~mjw/recipes/ethnic/historical/ant-rom-coll.html


General Information


Roman world http://library.thinkquest.org/26602/home.htm#religion

Ancient History Online- All about the cultures of major ancient civilizations, including Rome. You will need a password from home. User name: walnut ; password: hills.

The Roman Empire Net- In spite of the annoying advertisements, this is a good source of information about the Roman world.

Ancient Rome- Information on the Romans from the BBC Schools website (like PBS in the US); very good information on the ancient Romans in Britain.

Welcome to Ancient Rome- This site is a collection of good links on a wide variety of topics on ancient Rome; very well organized and easy to use.

Perseus Project- One of the oldest and most highly respected websites around, the Perseus Project is a good source for Greece and the Hellenistic World as well as the Romans; it also has full text editions of most major works of Latin and Greek literature.

History for Kids: Ancient Rome- Basic information on a variety of topics for ancient Rome, especially for Latin 1 students.

Classics Collection- A metasite sponsored by the University of Florida Libraries, this has well-organized links to sites with information about Roman history and culture. Be sure to use its own internal search engine, ARGOS, to find specific information

The Latin Library - A large collection of the Latin texts of many classical authors.

Daily Life in Rome

Via Romana- Another metasite with organized links to information about Roman life, art, culture, history, and philosophy.

A Virtual Tour of the Roman Forum- A map of the ancient Roman Forum, with a virtual "tour" and information about the buildings and places there

A "walking Tour" of the Forum and Colosseum- Lots of information and great maps of the buildings around the ancient Roman Forum.

Forum Romanum- Information and links to other websites on Roman civilization and culture.

Baths, Theaters, and Other Amusements http://www.kent.wednet.edu/curriculum/soc_studies/rome/

Daily Life in Ancient Roman- What life was like in ancient Rome, from the Classics Department at the University of Virginia

Roma- Civilization of Rome at the height of the Empire

Bridges, Roads, Temples, and Aqueducts

Roman Technology- A Handbook of sites and information on Roman engineering and construction.

Roman Aqueducts

Roman Aqueduct of Metz, France- also has information on other aqueducts and how they were built.

Construction and Makeup of Roman Roads- This is an essential site to check! It gives exact directions and construction materials for building a Roman road.

Roman Road Construction

Maison Carree- pictures and information on a famous and well preserved Roman temple in Nimes, France

A Virtual Tour of the Roman Forum- A map of the ancient Roman Forum, with a virtual "tour" and information about the buildings and places there, including many famous temples.

Roman Aqueducts- Part of the course information for an archeology course at Bowdoin College, this has a list of the most famous aqueducts and some information about each one.

The Waters of the City of Rome- An interactive guide to the aqueducts and sewers of ancient Rome.

Roman Houses

Roman Houses- Overview and pictures

Roman House- Description and overview

Roman Townhouses and Apartment Houses

Roman House Plan and Description

Roman Emperors

De Imperitoribus Romanun- An on-line encyclopedia on the rulers of the Roman empire from 27 BC to 1453 CE.

Roman Britain

Roman Britain- This site is put together by the BBC with information for students about ancient Rome; the focus is on the Romans in Britain.

Pompeii and Herculaneum

The Destruction of Pompeii- Discovery School's description of the eruption of Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum

Pompeii Interactive- Information on Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Vesuvius

Pompeii and Herculaneum- Links for a college course on Pompeii and Herculaneum; many good pictures.

Houses and Gardens of Pompeii

How to Build a Volcano http://freeweb.pdq.net/headstrong/vol.htm Just what you need to make your Pompeii project really special....

The Architecture of Pompeii- Information on houses and buildings of Pompeii, with lots of photos of the ruins.

The History of Plumbing: Pompeii and Herculaneum- Very interesting and detailed information on baths and plumbing in these two cities.

The Destruction of Pompeii, 79 A.D.- An eyewitness account of the horrors of the destruction of Pompeii

Catiline's Map of ancient Pompeii- A very nice and very detailed map of Pompeii, with famous sites marked. Please do NOT print this off at school without help!!

Pompeii and Herculaneum Resources- The web resources for a class at Amherst college on these cities; lots of maps, pictures, and information, but some of the sites are pretty complicated--if you don't understand the information in one place, move on to another section.

Graffiti on the walls of Pompeii- What life was like for ordinary Romans, in their own words.


Baths, Theaters, and Other Amusements http://www.kent.wednet.edu/curriculum/soc_studies/rome/


Gladiator On the Web- Lots of information about real and movie gladiators, plus links to other sites.

http://library.thinkquest.org/26602/home.htm#religioninformation on the activities there: if your computer has Flash, be sure to play the video "Building the Arena of Death."


Food and Social Position in the Roman Empire


A graduate student paper on food and how it reflected your social status in the Roman world. Good information on what different classes of people ate.

Antique Roman Dishes


Interesting information and some neat recipes-the ingredients may not be in your local Kroger, though!






http://sapiens.ya.com/aforismosI/aforismos_3_1_25.htm#1 - 25


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