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Ward Melville Senior High School

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Choose one Juvenalian satire of at least 250 lines, or at least a 250 line excerpt from a longer satire. Highlight every bit of cultural information that the satire gives us--no matter how ordinary or extraordinary. Of course much is exageration, but each idea is based on some Roman usage.

make a list of that cultural infomation referring specifically to lines (as used in this translation.) Do not choose a satire the focusses on food.


AP project for 2014

You have been assigned certain lines from a Latin translation of Lucian's Historia Vera 

Lucian for 2014.doc  

You are to make notes and a vocabulary list for the lines you have received, using these guidelines:


A. The vocabulary should include every single word in your section.

In addition to the meaning of the word as it is being used here,

     -Nouns should be identified with nominative, genitive, and gender

     -Verbs with all principle parts

     -Adjectives with the three gender endings


B. Notes should include

     -Every word that would be unusual for a Latin C student

     -Every reference to a person or place should be explained.

     -Every idiomatic expression or difficult construction that needs explanation should be explained.


You are going to e-mail to thayes@3Villagecsd.org the following


  1. a copy of the text that you have been assigned;
  2. a notes page 

Separately you will upload the vocab sheet in ABC order. You should name it “Vocab for Section __ of Historia Vera"




AP Vergil/Caesar

Latin Period 1

Latin Period 2

Latin Period 3

Latin Period 5

Latin Period 6

Latin Period 7

Latin Period 8

Latin Period 9


Exercises for the Certamen 


Professional D-Day, March 10, 2010



Roman Italy (February 13-21, 2010) Pictures




Declamatio passages


Regents Review Materials


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