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AP Vergil

Page history last edited by Thomas M Hayes 11 years, 2 months ago

AP project for 2013

You have been assigned certain lines from a Latin translation of Lucian's Historia Vera AP Project 2013.doc


You are to make notes and a vocabulary list for the lines you have received, using these guidelines:


A. The vocabulary should include every single word in your section.

In addition to the meaning of the word as it is being used here,

     -Nouns should be identified with nominative, genitive, and gender

     -Verbs with all principle parts

     -Adjectives with the three gender endings


B. Notes should include

     -Every word that would be unusual for a Latin C student

     -Every reference to a person or place should be explained.

     -Every idiomatic expression or difficult construction that needs explanation should be explained.


You are going to e-mail to thayes@3Villagecsd.org the following


  1. a copy of the text that you have been assigned;
  2. a notes page 

Separately you will upload the vocab sheet in ABC order. You should name it “Vocab for Section __ of Historia Vera"


Lucian sec 1.30-2.2 for 2012 project.doc





31/32 jesse

33 lucy

34 frank

35 jon

36 li yan

37/38 anna

39 sara

40 caitlin

41/42 jack

2.1/2 ariel


exit gates from the underworld

Ascanius' mock battle                         Aeneas carrying Anchises          Serpents eating Laocoon and Sons

Neptune calming the storm          eating tables                         Ascanius' burning hair Frank

Dido's funeral pyre                    Polydorus' bush                    ships turning into nymphs Lucy

Marriage scene Jon                    Venus/virgin huntress          Aeneas looking at the temple in Carthage

Turnus' death (and other variations)     Turnus holding the boulder          two doves -Anna

golden branch          bird in Turnus' face    Jesse      ships burning in Sicily Caitlin

Palinurus falling off the ship

Foot slipping in a pool of blood at the funeral games of Anchises when they go back to 'celebrate'

boat race          archery contest               Bees Sara /Ants  Ariel       Aeneas hunting the 7 stags Will

winds blowing the ships          Aeolus summoning winds          Triton picking up the shipwreckage

Aeneas in the fog          Mercury visiting Atlas          Pyrrhus killing Priam and all that jazz

Harpies     Unfinished city (Carthage)     Iarbas' hundred altars     Sibyl's cave

crossing the Styx     Mycenus     Marcellus 1      and Marcellus 2     Nisus and Euryalus LiYan    Turnus cornered in the fortress          Jupiter holding the scales          Turnus chasing Aeneas "ghost"          Camilla



AP Vergil redos up to line 150.

Download a copy of the quiz lines.

Identify the form of the last two “terminated” words.  If you will not reach twenty before the end of the lines (i.e. there are less than 10 lines), do the last three until you reach twenty.

Identify one non oral literary device. And explain.


Newspaper project. Due Friday, October 28rd. 

You are to choose a book of the Aeneid and write a series of articles (editorials, ads, editorial comics--whatever you would expect to find in a newspaper) which refer to the happenings within that book. The omniscient editor can pretend that all the various events happned on one day, or during the last week, but it should be seen as "late-breaking news." Your productions should be posted an a poster board designed to mimic the front page of a newspaper (could be the NYT, Newsday, or the National Enquirer). While the display is not the main point, the page should be attractive with pictures and/or creative use of fonts.





Website for old AP questions on Vergil




Thursday, September 16

Discuss the "epic of Roman history"

Cut and paste the paragraph below onto a separate sheet and translate as much as you can.  Bring it into class tomoorw.


Liber I:
Propositione et invocatione praemissis, narratio incipit a septimo Aeneae expeditionis anno, quo tempore, Troianis e Sicilia in Italiam solventibus, Iuno tempestatem excitat conciliato sibi Aeolo. Sedat tempestatem Neptunus. Naves Aeneae septem in portum Africae se recipiunt, reliquis alio disiectis. Venus apud Iovem de filii calamatate queritur. Solatur eam Iupiter, exposita Aeneae eiusque posteritatis futura felicitate. Mittitur Mercurius, qui Carthaginensium animos Troianis placabiles reddat. Venus habitu venatricis occurrit Aeneae, regionem cum Achate exploranti. Indicataque Didonis ac regionis conditione, utrumque nebula septum Carthaginem dimittit.  Illic Aeneas, templum ingressus, primum in belli Troiani picturas incidit, deinde in Didonem, et in socios, quos fluctibus oppressos putaverat, Didone supplicantes. Dat se in conspectum Aeneas. A Regina benigne excipitur. Accersitur per Achatem Ascanius, cuius in locum dolo Veneris Cupido substituitur, ut Aeneae amorem Didone inspiret. Abeunt omnes in aulam ad convivium. (verba 135)


AP Class 2010-11


If you want to do any review work, I have two suggestions for books:

Review and Test Preparation for the Imtermediate Latin Student, by Sally Davis

(published by Addison Wesley)


Excelability in Advanced Latin, A Workbook for Students, by Marianthe Colakis

(published by Bolchazy-Carducci)

The first is a review of all the grammar you should know at this point, the second helps you become familiar with reading authentic Latin carefully.


Remember, you will be responsible for reading all of the Aeneid in English, so if you want to get started over the summer, that's a great idea.  There are many fine translations.  You may find that one in prose is more understandable than one in poetry, but some of the poetry editions in the last twnty years and very good as well.


There is a substantial amount of vaculary that you will need to be familiar with.  you would do well to go to the bottom of this page and juststart working on the exercises named A Song of War, Pharr, or just the Aeneid.


Have a great a summer!


Aeneid IV occasional lines.doc  



TarHeel intro to the Trojan War



Poetic devices.doc

Summary of the Aeneid with character list and major themes


line-by-line summary


Read the English summary below of the Aeneid, Download the list of names at the end and make sure that you can identify them by Wednesday, March 15.  There will be a second list later.

English summary

summary (lengthy) of Aeneid from Spark notes.doc

Latin summary


Book 4 read in Latin (Wilfrid Stroh)--also Lombardo reading Iliad in Greek


Word by word parsiing, translating, everything--Professor Joseph Farrell, UPenn


Latin lines in syllabus

1. 1-519                                     2. 21-56, 199-297, 469-566, 735-804                      4. 1-448, 642-705  

6. 1-211, 450-476, 847-901          10. 420-509                                                       12. 791-842, 887-952


Aeneid 1, lines for kids.doc

Vergil book 2 lines.doc

Aenied IV AP lines.doc

Book 6 (291 lines) lines 1-211; 450-476; 847-901.doc 


Complete AP Vergil vocabulary list 09


Following may be a bad link: Vergil Vocab quizzes (start with quiz 1)


common Vergilian nouns


common Vergilian adjectives


Complete (?) Vergil vocab in Quia games


Pharr general vocab list on Quia 



Lots of exercises



Song of War, Vocab. 1
Song of War, Vocab. 2
Song of War, Vocab. 3
Song of War, Vocab. 4
Song of War, 5
Song of War, 6
Song of War, 7
Song of War, 8
Song of War, 9
Song of War, 10
Song of War, 11
Song of War, 12
Song of War, 13
Song of War, 14
Song of War, 15
Song of War, 16
Song of War, 17
Song of War, 18
Song of War, 19
Song of War, 20
Song of War, 21
Song of War, 22
Song of War, 23
Song of War, 24
Aeneid Vocabulary--words used over 50 times
Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 1
Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 2
Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 3
Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 4
Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 5
Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 6
Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 7
Vergil - Pharr's Aeneid General Vocabulary Column 8
Aeneid Vocabulary: Words that appear more than 23 times!
NLE Latin III-IV Poetry 2004
NLE 2003 Latin III-IV Poetry
NLE 2002 Latin III/IV Poetry
NLE Grammar Practice - Levels IV and V - Tough!
Myth-Folklore: Vergil's Aeneid Reading


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