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Latin Period 5

Page history last edited by Thomas M Hayes 14 years ago



Roman lamps were made in a variety of shapes and materials.          

(Bologna, Museo Archeologico)


Vocab for June 7



Sententiae for whole year thanks to Adam sent 9-10, per 5 1-4q.doc


new vocab to learn for June 1



new vocab to learn for May 24




Reader Project

Vocab due May 17

o.n. 17 http://quizlet.com/2240311/on-17-verbsvoacb-flash-cards/ 


Vocab due May 12 -neuters





Hercules is found in this folder

May 6

ut dis Hercules 46 re HERCULES ASKS AID OF ATLAS.doc

May 4

ut dis Hercules 45 11 Labor redo.doc

Fabulae Faciles macrons, w.o. vocab.doc  

F.F. Magic Vocabulary edited for SCCC.doc


Vocab due April 27

o.n. 16 vocab (1,2 adjectives)




Tarheel Reader

Log-in as: thayes


go to "write book"

After you read the instructions click at the bottom and start writing.

Each time you upload a picture you will have the opportunity to write a description.

12 illustrated sentences.

pictures can be down-loaded, drawn, taken by yourself

Does not have to tell a story, but does have to have a theme.

You can preview it, but then save as a draft 

Due May 6th.

Project topics

Jason and the Argonauts--Marshall



Ariel-our class

Frank-somewhere over the rainbow

Lucy-bunny/cat friendship



Andy--ny family

Anna-Io and Juppiter

Caitlin-the Seasons



3rd quarter project: Body parts: Due Tuesday, March 16

Project vocab poster for body parts.doc


mouth Li Yan Kelsey Jack Frank 

foot Will Marshall Jonathon Jesse Adam

eye  brianna Andrew Caitlin Sara

hand    Anna Eric Lucy Ariel Kyle


Latin C expectations, 09.doc 


Sent 09-10 2nd q, per 5.doc 


Myths in the news poster

Myths in the news final form December 09.doc


Comments (7)

jess said

at 5:05 pm on Apr 20, 2009

Rosae, vir, opus, manus
Virum, nocti, manui, opus
Rosam, dono, manum, diem
Dono, nox, operi, diei
Rosa, nox, manus, genu
Viri, doni, operis, genus
Rosa, nocte, opera, manus
Rosae, viri, doni, die
Viro, doni, opera, diei
Rosa, nocte, manus, viri
Viro, donum, opus, manui
nox, vir, manus, diem
donum, nocti, opus, diem
rosa, donorum, noctis, manus
viro, nocte, operis, die

andrew said

at 5:39 pm on Apr 20, 2009

armae, maria, urbes, gradibus
dominum, diem, urbis, mare
theatra, urbi, diei, cornu
dominis, theatrum, maribus, diebus
armas, maria, dies, cornu
armis, diebus, gradus, dominis
arma, urbe, die, gradibus
gradus, diei, cornu, theatrum
urbis, dies, cornus, theatri
marium, theatrum, graduum, armarum
domini, dies, cornua, urbi
cornuum, dierum, graduum, urbibus
gradibus, dominorum, cornibus, armis
diei, gradus, cornus, domini
mare, dominus, urbe, dies

emmanuel said

at 6:36 pm on Apr 20, 2009

1) Domina, Carrus, rex, fide
2) Dominae, Carri, Regis, fidem
3) Dominam, Carrum, regem, fidei
4) Domina, Carro, rege, fides
5) Bellum, dominis, arcibus, genibus
6) Belli, genus, arcus, flumini
7) Bello, arcui, dominae, regibus
8) Bellum, carrorum, regum, fluminum
9) Belli, Regis, fluminis, fides
10) Dominas, carros, bella, rex
11) Arcui, fidei, genus, regis
12) Arcu, genu, bellorum, fide
13) Genua, flumina, reges, carrum
14) Bellorum, fluminum, arcuum, dominis
15) Genu, fidei, flumini, bellorum.

ghost said

at 7:54 pm on Apr 20, 2009

1. cura socius ducis fluctus
2. duci saxo genu fides
3. saxum ducem fluctum fidem
4. caput fluctui fidei capiti
5. curam ducem caput socio
6. socii ducis fluctui fidei
7. dux curae socii genus
8. fluctu fides caput socius
9. socii curam capitis fidei
10. caput socius ducis genu
11. curae fluctui saxo dux
12. cura capiti fluctu fide
13. cura dux fides fluctum
14. ducem fluctum fidem socii
15. curae genu socio duci

laura said

at 6:04 pm on Apr 21, 2009

1. Via, Pueri, Rei

2. Cornu, Monitus, Castello

3. Florem, Cornus, Castellum

4. Flumen, Via, Rei

5. Puerum, Flumen, Rem

6. Rem, Viam, Puer

7. Re, Cornu, Castellum

8. Viae, Floris, Monitum

9. Rei, Cornus, Flore

10. Flore, Flumen, Via

11. Viam, Puerum, Monitus

12. Rem, Cornus, Monitum

13. Castellum, Cornus, Res

14. Via,Re,Puer

15. Monitui , Flori ,Res

ek said

at 6:21 pm on Apr 29, 2009

Mr. Hayes, I am trying to upload my completed perfect, pluperf, and futureperf. verbs, but the site is not permitting me to do so.

josh said

at 7:58 am on May 11, 2009

Rebekkah Perrone

1st Page

confestim however immediately behold! and so

diversus to take different savage meat

de tint saying to provide against

dicens saying direction to be visible wild

canto to look at to speak to sing another

color therefore tint god food

arbor tree body against while

ascendo to begin to go up out of to go out

duco twelve to show flesh saying

dominus the lord to listen behold! deep

ago to appear Christ course to drive

ceteri other when the rest route

altus high to sing body the others

divinus down divine the sea toward

accipio column to go up to approach to look at

ait high for the lord said

cursus route the other facing another

arma meat tree weapons however

enim said until behold! for

caro body away from saying meat

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