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Latin Period 6

Page history last edited by Thomas M Hayes 13 years ago





TPR for whole year


TPR quizlet  for all year except 4th q     http://quizlet.com/5787411/tpr-except-4th-q-flash-cards/ 

TPR quizlet  for  4th q      http://quizlet.com/5563483/tpr-spring-2011-flash-cards/

sent. 10-11, p 6 all year list (4,5) doc.doc  


acies, aciei

aether, aetheris




castra, castrorum

Colo,colere, colui, cultus





Figo, figere, fixi, fixtus


Iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctus

Lateo, latere, latui

Latus, lateris

Lego, legere, legi, lectus





Posco, poscere, poposci

Praeceps, praecipitis

Premo,premere, pressi, pressus

Quiesco,quiescere. Quievi. quietus

Seco, secare, secui

Impleo, implere. Impevi, impletus


Senex, senis

sino, sinere, sivi, situs



tergum, i

Torqueo, torquere, torsi, tortus

Verto, vertere, verti, versus



Volucer, volucris




3rd quarter sententiaePeriod 6 3rd Quarter.doc  


Dactylic Hexameter.doc

Pyramus et Thisbe all lines - for merge.doc


Toga day is Thursday, March 17

Quiz on present system of regular verbs, forms are herePresent system regular verbs active.doc





Reading practice














Ancient places




Culture of the city



Case usage






SAT words
































SAT words




Preposition Poster Project- due March 1Prepositions poster, Feb 2011.doc

Feb 16 voc quizlet for GSIL 81-83 http://quizlet.com/4457831/gsil-vocab-81-83-flash-cards/ 

Feb 15 quiz on 3,4,5 universal endings; Augustinus, p.66

feb 14 review 3,4,5 universal endings; bibliotheca, p. 62

Feb 4 

h.w. quiz on prepositions for Monday



Thursday 20

review for sententiae and tpr tests tomorrow

Wednesday 19


Collect assignment from Friday

finish Larcius Macedo discussion

Start Cato the elder on vilicus

h.w. sententiae quiz on Friday


Tuesday 18

Latin moments

Start Sententiae review

tpr reviewTPR period 6 (4,5) 1st q. 10-11.doc

h.w. from Friday


Friday 14

Take an article from a printed source (although you may use the on-line edition). Print it out. Pick the first 25 words of 2 or more syllables (do not count suffixes:-ment,-or, -er, -ly, -hood, -ion, -en etc, or-es, ing, -ed.) Look them up (most easily done on dictionary.com) to find the word origin. You only need to find the original source, not all the individual points in between (old French, middle English). Many will have a Latin origin but not all. List whatever is there. On a separate sheet, list the 25 words and the word that it comes from, again, whatever the language.

Due Wednesday, 19th


Wednesday 6


Discuss slavery

Bring books tomorrow


Tuesday January 5

finish A funny ting

Roman comedey discussion


Monday 3

A funny thing..


Wednesday 22

A funny thing . . .

Tuesday 21

Make Saturnalia pileus



discuss project

You are to make a huge crossword puzzle--at least the size of a posterboard.  The puzzle should include one word from each declension, except the 2,3, and 4, which will need a second word for the neuter.  You must get a singular and a plural for each declension--but you can use the same word.


Your words are going to be arranged crossword puzzle-style--hopefully using one continuous grid, but if necessary you can use two.

The endings should be emphasized in some way.  Use a different color, underline, or make the letters bold.


Friday 10

quiz on volo family, present system http://quizlet.com/3719142/volo-family-present-system-flash-cards/


Thursday 9

Finish sententiae

Finish readingpp.51-52

Quiz tomorrow on volo family, present system

Wednesday 8


Tuesday 7




Monday, Dec 6

review vocab for GSIL 51-52

Practice for volo, nolo, malo: http://quizlet.com/3647843/volo-family-present-flash-cards/

Reading 51-52

H.w. Finish reading


Friday, Dec 3

quiz on forms of sum familiy

Latin moments


Thursday 2

Finish sententiae

Review for quiz on present system of sum

start reading p.51

h.w.-make a quizlet quiz for tomorrow's quiz


Wednesday Dec 1


Start Sententiae

no h.w. but be ready for a quiz Friday on the present system of "esse-famiy" verbs http://quizlet.com/3576285/sum-family-present-system-flash-cards/



GSIL p. 40 reading

Present and imperfect of esse family http://quizlet.com/3574446/present-and-imperfect-esse-family-flash-cards/

h.w. quiz on quizlet tomorrow.


Monday 29 

Pass back and discuss forms quizzes


new tpr--caecus, avello, ensis, vultus, artus,

bring book tomorrow


Thursday 18

Computer lab http://quizlet.com/3475320/case-forms-123-decl-flash-cards/





worksheet on cases

Think pair share

no H.W.


Tuesday 16

Explain project difficulties

Go over rules for Latin moments

start tpr :caecus, saevus, cavus, abeo, affor, lego, iacio, pateo


Monday 15

finish reading projects


Wednesday 10

Latin moments: Luka, Alex, Ryan

reveiw of cases on board

no h.w. holiday



Tuesday--work on q's for reading

h.w. have q's finished


monday 8

Latin moments: habeas corpus, ex post facto law--Sean

Work on the 3 other words to include with each vocabulary item

H.W. type out what you did today.


 in the questions about the reading

Friday 5

makes lists for use in Ltin word games

check h.w. quizzes

make sure you have your  reading w. 10 q's on Monday


Thursday 4

sententiae quiz

h.w. two hand-outs on forms


Wednesday 3

Present crossword project--endings

Discuss sententiae

make endings quizzes.

hw.w sententiae tomorrow


Tuesday 2

TPR quiz


Monday Nov 1

review Lit devices

h.w. tpr quiz


Check h.w.

Start literary devices

h.w. make sure you have your h.w.


Thursday 28 Computer lab

pick an article and find 12 words that come from Latin.

Identify the Latin word from which those words come

Finish for HW.

Wednesday 27

practise tpr--get meaning for those not sureTPR period 6 (4,5) 1st q. 10-11.doc


Tuesday 26List of all TPR


Monday 25

Review Nom, gen, acc

Chapter 4


Thursday 21 and Friday 22

DVD: Constantive and Justinian



ChapterTuesday 19

check hw. on board

review genitive

do reading p.37

write out and mark-up the reading

h.w. p.38 grid  write it out to hand-in


monday 18

discuss project

readings p.23 and 26

H.W. 20 phrases using a genitive--you can find words on the vocab sheets distributed last week.to be handed in 


Friday 15

do a review of the declension chart

H.w. choose the case you wan to use for the project


Thursday 14


Wednesday 13

Check H.w.

discuss changes from sing to plural

Start Sententiae

HW be able to fill in grid with s,do, abl, for 1st, 2nd, and 2nd n


Tuesday 12

introduce nueter, C 3

H>W. Write ou sentence and pick the proper form

Friday 8

Quiz on vocab 1-2

do readings in c1 and c 2

nhw -holiday


Thursday 7







HW: quiz on vocab chapter 1 and 2






Tuesday 5

Collect h.w.

Check English to Latin sentences

Review vocab

Discussion of What is a monk?

h.w. sstart to learn vocab, C1

Monday, 4

quiz on animal and hippos (and Triptolemos)

chapter 1 in new book.

HW. p.11:2 and 3


Friday October 1

Finish Hippopotamos

Quiz on Monday: animals and Hippos

Pass out books


Thursday 30

Finish sententiae

Finish Massagetae

Start Animals in Egypt


Wednesday, 29

collect quizlet quiz on case forms


quae natura non sunt turpia

ubi bene, ibi patria

in magnis et voluisse sat est

noli turbare ciculos meos

corruptissima res publica, plurimae leges



Start Arion from Bennett's--First section


Wed 15

sententiae: Cavendi nulla est omittenda occasio; amor misceri cum timore non potest; in sterculino plurimum gallus potest; scelere scelus velandum est; nulla dies sine linea.

finish Arion 2

quiz tomorrow-bring a list of 20 things


Thursday 16

Quiz on Arion, including 10 comments from 3 and 4


Friday 17

Translate 3, mark-up 4


Monday 20

hang-up posters

Arion 4


Tuesday 21

extensive TPR

finish Arioin

start African animals (7)

H.W. 20 things for Arion quiz tomorrow


Wednesday 22

Quiz on Arioni 3-5

Sententiae:honores mutant mores, calamitas virtutis occasio est, imo pectore, commune naufragium dulce, nemo ante mortem beatus



Thursday 23

Finish sententiae

forms of a five declensions

bring tunica


Friday 24

Funeral games for Vergil


Monday 27

go over Thursday's test

Talk about Latin minute

TPR review of 1st column

Go over Massagetae


Tuesday 28

Computer lab


hw. print out a copy of a test and take it.

Hand it in tomorrow.



AP Project May-June, 2010. The two links below should have all the information

AP project first year w Bennett's.doc Bennett's-just the story.doc


Black and white mosaics from Ravenna--look at these to help decide how you are going to proceed

BW mosaic 1

BW mosaic 2

BW mosaic 3

BW mosaic 4

BW mosaic 5

BW mosaic 6

BW mosaic 7

BW mosaic 8

BW mosaic 9

BW mosaic 10

BW mosaic 11

BW mosaic 12

BW mosaic 13

BW mosaic 14

BW mosaic 15

BW mosaic 16

BW mosaic 17

BW mosaic 18

BW mosaic 19

BW mosaic 20

BW mosaic 21

BW mosaic 22

BW mosaic 23

BW mosaic 24

BW mosaic 25

BW mosaic 26

BW mosaic 27






Aeneid IV occasional lines.doc


March 26 update

Over the holiday you should be doing the reading below.  Additionally any time you can spend just rereading the lines, either in Latin or English would be time well-spent.


Reading to be done

Please read carefully these sections which we have not read in Latin

Book 5--the games--make for yourself an simple outline of what they games were and who won, and who really got trounced or cheated. You can get the main info from the summary below but make sure you find out specifially who won and why the sorest loser lost.

Read carefully the section about the archery contest


Book 6 (toward the end): Alecto and how she affects people. You should note who each individual responds.

Book 8 read the visit to Pallanteum, include the story of Hercules and Cacus, and then the section on Aeneas' armor.

Book 10. The story of Camilla--again know the specifics.



Please lAeneid 4, 390- 415 for utdiscamus.doc

Latin AP expectations 2009.doc


Newspaper project. Due Friday, October 23rd. 

You are to choose a book of the Aeneid and write a series of articles (editorials, ads, editorial comics--whatever you would expect to find in a newspaper) which refer to the happenings within that book. The omniscient editor can pretend that all the various events happened on one day, or during the last week, but it should be seen as "late-breaking news." Your productions should be posted an a poster board designed to mimic the front page of a newspaper (could be the NYT, Newsday, or the National Enquirer). While the display is not the main point, the page should be attractive with pictures and/or creative use of fonts. 



For make-up take the first and last noun/adj/participle in each line and give the number and case

Feb 23 Aeneid 4, 390- 415 for utdiscamus.doc

book 4, 163-184 for utdiscamus.doc

Book 4,114-134a ut discamus.doc

Aeneid 4, 74-95 1-12-10 ut discamus.doc

Aeneid 4, 54-73 for ut discamus.doc

Aeneid 4, 20-34 ut discamus.doc

Aeneid 2. 778-795.doc

Aeneid 2. 747-775 for utdiscamus.doc 

Aeneid 2. 518-534.doc

Aenied 2. 481-502.doc

Aeneid 2. 469-480 (12.04) for utd.doc

Aeneid 2. 199- 222.doc

Aeneid 2, 266-280.doc

Aeneid 2, 248-265.doc




Aeneid 1, 242-254.doc

Aeneid 1. 223-241 quiz.doc

Aeneid 1. 254-268a.doc


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