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Toga!Toga! Toga! 




Sent. 10-11, p3, 1,2,3,4q.doc


Sententiae: Sent._10-11,_p3,_1,2,3,q[1].doc


Tarheel Reader Project due March 8

You are to take 6 adjectives (at least three from the page of irregulars) and describe pictures using each adjective in its positive (regular), comparative, and superlative forms. Each adjective should be accompanied by a noun--the same noun can be used for all three pictures or a different one for each picture--but the pictures must be different.  You will end up with 18 distinct pictures.  You may find the pictures anywhere or take them or draw them yourself. Remember your first picture will be the title page. Save the stories as a draft.


Friday, Feb4


cursus honorum

h.w. quiz monday on prepositions http://quizlet.com/4297949/latin-prepositions-flash-cards/


Thursday 20

review for sententiae and tpr tests tomorrow


Wednesday 19

Correct h.w.

Ablative of means (find in 12 g)

TPR and Sententiae quiz on Friday!

h.w. review sententiae


Tuesday, 18th

TPR quiz Thursday

Acer, aedes, aggredior, Arbitror, aggredior, ardeo,caecus,celer,cingo,crinis, dives, domus,exercitus, facilis,fames, ferox, fines, fluo, for, fortis, fundo, gravis, haereo,inanis,  incolumis,infamis, ingens, insignis,  iungo,labor, lacus, levis, loquor, lugeo, malus, mentior, miles,mollis,  morior,nascor, obliviscor, oppidum, orior, pauper, pendo, pigris, proficiscor, robor, rodo, sequor, solvo, tenuis, tollo,tumulus, turpis,vereor,  vescor, vetus,


Sententiae quiz on Friday


present passive forms

h.w. 12c


Friday 14

research on opus novum glossary



Thursday 13



Wednesday 12 snow


Tuesday 4

hand out ch 11 packet

check h.w.

do golden apple story.

Be able to identify in relation to this story: Helen, Paris, Priam, Menelaus, Peleus, Thetis, Eris (Discordia), Castor, Pollux, Clytemnaestra, Jason, Leda, Mt. Ida, Minerva, Juno, Venus, Theseus

h.w. Translate 10.1, 10.2 of the readings.


Monday 3


review AA

10 e

h.w. 10e 1-8


You'll dine well at my house, Fabullus

In a few days, if the gods favor you

If you bring with you a nice, large meal

don't forget the  pale girl and the wine and the the wit and all the jokes

If you bring all this stuff witih you, my witty friend

you'll dine well, since your Catullus's wallet is filled up with cobwebs!

But in return you will receive simple love, or something even smoother and more elegant

For I'm gonna give you some perfume which all the Venuses and Cupids gave to me girl.

When you get a whiff of this stuff, you will beg the gods

that they turn you into one all-encompassing nose


Quiz soon on vocab 1-7 http://quizlet.com/3216751/on-1-7-vocabulary-flash-cards/


Derivatives Poster projectDerivatives Project fall 09.doc

Preston fero ferre tuli latus

Tommy video videre

james sequor

taken: traho, loquor, dico, duco, mitto, muto,ago


Tuesday 21

Make Saturnaia pileus


Monday 20

check Poim,peeian script

Start Saturnalia hats.

h.w. write yourname in script


Friday 17

Finish sententiae

Finish c 10

hw. Pompeiian script worksheet


Monday 13

body parts TPR

check hw. (reading 9A)

9b and c in class.

H.w. mark-up d and e. Translate to hand in D.


Monday 6

Discuss project--now due Thursday

check h.w.

h.w. Finish sentences


Friday 3

Review cases

Caput 9-- prep plus abl.

play vinco

hw. 9B 1st 7 sentences


Thursday 2

Check homework


no h.w.


Wednesday- 1


readings from 8

h.w. final reading from 8


Tuesday 30


Finish sententiae

Check h.w. Do 8b

h.w. 8c

Monday 29

Go over cards

discuss new project

copy sententiae

h.w. reading 8A



Complete Cenabis presentations

No. h.w.


Friday 19

Start Cenabis presentations

discuss the cards and the quarterly project


Thursday 18

Computer lab http://quizlet.com/3475320/case-forms-123-decl-flash-cards/



Quiz on vocab 1-7


Wednesday 17

Finish sentences

Give out  derivatives project (see above)

No h.w. but quiz on vocab 1-7 Friday


Tuesday 16 

do h.w. sentences


H.w. Finish sentences

Monday 15

Final of Cenabis bene

Present participles. p. 122-123,

H.w. Sentences: 124


Wednesday 10

reading from c7

no h.w. holiday


Tuesday 9

Chapter 8--pluperfect

h.w. Line 11



Quiz on reading from c6

hw. 8d



Lines 1-11


check h.w.

Quiz next week on readings from Caput 6


Thursday 4

sententiae quiz

complemetary infinitves again

7J for h.w.


Wednesday 3

Discuss cards,

go over sententiae scenarios

h.w. Sent quiz tomorrow


Tuesday  2

Quizzes on TPR

discuss political roles

H.w.  Ten sententiae scenarios written


Monday Nov 1

C7--review 1st and 2nd dec. add 3rd

Lines 1-9 quiz

Do 7g

h.w. TPR quiz tomorrow, 11 lines on Thursday--write it out


Friday 29

make TPR listTPR Period 3 (c) 1st q, 10-11.doc

review sententiae

H.W. 11 lines on monday


Thursday 28

Computer lab

practice o.n. vopcab 1-7


Wednesday 27

Present Cenabis rebus

Do readings 6A,B, 1/2c

H.w. (for Friday). Rest of C,D,E


Tuesday 26

Quiz on relative sentences

make up TPR list (need to finish tomorrow)

H.W. rebus is due


Monday 25

Review relative clause

sentences from p 67-68 8 lines of  cenabis bene

H.w. sentences 2 to 8, or 9 to 16


Thursday and Friday 21-22

Emperors DVD


Introduce relative clauses

mw.w. finish readings for 5


Tuesday 19

quiz on 5 sentences

review cards project--early due November 1

Start 5 reading--Reading 5 a,b,c in class

h.w. 5d,e, f(?)


Monday 18

review sentences  for quiz, quiz in postponed until tomorrow

List of movies seen.


Friday 15

pass out C5

Review vocab in lines

Assign last 24 sentences--quiz on Monday

6 lines of the poem

h.w. quiz on 24 sentences


Thursday 14

finish sententiae

Discuss evil eye

review imperfect indicative

HW 6 lines for poem


Wednesday 13

Quiz on indirect statement

Finish readings C$

Start Sententiae


Tuesday 12

tpr rodo, rado, cingo, turpis, acer

43: 4E--on the board

Tranlate 1st two paragrpahs of Lucius



Friday 8

finish sententiae

quiz on Cenabis 1-4

p. 43 inthe  packet.

Finisih 43 for hw


Thursday 7






HW: Make a quizlet of two verbs in different conjugations in all five infinitive forms. Send to Mr. Hayes at thayes@3Villagecsd.org 


Wednesday 6

finsh c3

introduce head verbs

h.w. 4c

Computer lab tomorrow


Tuesday 5

go over homework

TRP-iungo, solvo, cingo, turpis, acer

Reading 3A and 3B



Monday, October 4

recite first two lines of Catullus 13

finish translation of poem

Start Exercise in Caput III

h.w.Sentences 8-20


Friday, October 1

quiz on scansion of hendecasyllabics


Translate Catullus 13 (as much as possible in groups)

hw. memorize 1st 2 lines


Thursday september 30

give back C2 test

finish hendecasyllabics

long by nature


xx- for first three Syll

hw. be ready for a quiz on meter. 



Tuesday 7

Class regs


Ist and 2nd declension

H.W. Quiz on 1st and 2nd Dec


Wed 8

Quiz on 1st and 2nd D


fruor, loquor, vescor, orior, proficiscor, arbitror sequor



Monday 13


labor, agredior, fruor, loquor, vescor, orior, proficiscor, arbitror sequor

opus novum up to Q words.

h.w quiz on sentence structure (wednesday quiz on vocab)


Tuesday 14

Quiz on sentence structure

opus novum Q words

Quiz tomorrow on vocab C.1 

pass out Cognates projectDirections for Cognates project 09-10.doc

HW do Q-words sentences


Wednesday 15

Quiz on Caput unum vocab

Explain cognates project

H>W> Find five Latin words for the project


Thursday 16


Discuss project with examples

start looking at words


Friday 17

Finish words questions

H.W. Caput 1 test


Monday, September 20

Quiz on Caput 1

hang posters for parents night

q's about project

sententiae: docendo discimus, ira furor brevis est, esse quam videri, ad augusta per angustia

H.W. Caput 2 sentences on p. 21


Tuesday 21

finish sententiae

vocab caput 2


check h.w.

hw: next set of sentences


Wednesday 22

check h.w. 

sententiae: forte, consulto, honores mutant mores, omnis comparatio claudicat, maior a longinquo reverentia, non omne licitum honestum

nhw comp lab cras


Thursday 23

Computer lab


Friday 24

Funeral games for Vergil



Monday 27

Shanti ideas

TPR review

Projects review

Finish ch 2

Quiz on Wednesday


Tuesday 28

Review Ch 2

Start hendecasyllabics wtih Cenabis bene

Quiz tomorrow


Sentences (mark-up and translate)

define an intransitive verb

ex. Hendecasyllabis line


Wednesday 29

Quiz on Caput 2



Vocab for June 7




sent 09-10, 4thq, p3.doc  sent 09-10, 1stq, p3.doc

Sent 09-10, 2ndq p3.doc

sent 9-10, 3rdq, p3.doc

sent 09-10, 4thq, p3.doc


new vocab to learn for June 1



new vocab to learn for May 24-bring a test that youve done an printed out for extra credit




May 17




You are going to make a picture book that compares things.

Make three pages for each adjective (old, older, oldest) in all three degrees.

The adjective should agree with a noun, but you need not change the noun. You can show a skunk, a larger skunk, and a very large skunk.

You will make six sets for a total of 18 pages.


Tarheel Reader

Log-in as: thayes


go to "write book"

After you read the instructions click at the bottom and start writing.

Each time you upload a picture you will have the opportunity to write a description.

You are doing six sets--that is eighteen picturesSave your book as a draft

You can get your pictures from Flickr or upload your own.

name your book: Latin comparisons- your name, .e.g., Latin comparisons-Michelle Clarkson


List of adjectives and who has what as of April 30, 2010


Aileen-parvus, validus, lentus, pilosus, brevis. iratus

Alex: pulcher, insanus, arcanus, venustus, fortis-magnus

Alyna-exter, sanus, gravis, lepidus, effusus, extremus, confusus


Connor: rapidus, ferus, bellus, timidus. Acerbus-multi

Grace,superus, laxus, torpens, acceptus, nobilis, praeceps

Joe A-magnus, miser, celer, fortunatus, fortis, gravis

Joe H-bonus, obesus, acutus, nobilis,

Josh-magnus, quietus, promptus, propinquus, aperus, necessarius

Luka: solus, amans. Agilis, antiquus, certus-multi

Megan: morosus, fervidus, celer, acerbus, rotundus-bonus

Michelle: prodigus, beatus, maestus, citus, tardus-multi

Omid; efficax, patens, laxus, desperatus, propinquus-inferus

Rebekkah optimus, puclher, tristis, mirabiis, amicus, immotus

Sabina: animatus, blandus, claudus, honestus, capillatus, aerius-bonus

Sean: umidulus, probus, siccus, calidus, frigidus-parvus

Victoria-parvus, pulcher, valnes, felix, maestus, tenuis


Can be used: malus, intus, exter, inferus



Two of the sets can be irregulars.  Only three people can use each irregular


Neuter nouns practise




Irregular comparisons.doc




3rd quarter sententiae

sent 9-10, 3rdq, p3.doc


3rd quarter project -- Body parts.  Due Tuesday, March 16

Project vocab poster for body parts.doc


hand Luka Joe Joe Alyna Sean

mouth Josh Victoria Connor Rebekkah

foot Grace Omid Michelle Chrissy

eye Megan Aileen Alex Sabina


Sent 2nd q 09-10 just Latin.doc


Latin IV, V expectations 09.doc


Latin Literary Figures Poster Instructions Literary Persons poster.doc

Due January 6, 2010






Pliny the Elder-connor




Seneca Maior-Grace

Seneca Minor-Joe H




Petronius-Joe A



Aulus Gellius


Pliny the Younger



Sententiae 1st quarter      sent p3 istqmw.doc


1st Quarter Project Roman province project.doc


Lusitania-Joe H.


Hispania Tarraconensis-Josh





Gallia Narbonensis-Alyna

Germania INferior-Omid




Gallia Auqitania-Michelle

Sardinia et Corsica_ Aileen


Pontus et Bithynia-Al

Germania Superior-Chrissy


Power Point Latin story

First consult this website, http://tarheelreader.org/?s=latin 

Now write a series of simple sentences and insert them into a power point illustrated either with photos (that would be best) or clip-art, or if you can draw something and scan it into a power point better yet. do not try to write fancy Latin. Simple sentences (s,do,v) are the most likely to be correct and understandable.  You are to upload the finished product to the Ut Discamus site by June 3rd. You may e-mail me your sentences before hand if you would like me to look them over.


Old NLEs



Other quizzes for preparing for the NLE



Play the following quizlet games using scatter 






Now go to Quia.com and try the National Latin exams



Doric Temple project. 

  1. Go to the sites indicated (and any other source--including books!) and familiarize yourself with the basics of a Doric Greek Temple. Then make a list—with definitions-- of the 15 most interesting/important parts of the temple. 
  2. Decide to whom or to what, you would like to dedicate a temple. It cannot be to an actual god or have anything to do with religion. 
  3. On a poster board (at least 20 by 30 inches) create the facade of a Doric temple. But 7 of the elements must reflect the new theme of the temple. So the decorations, or even some of the basic elements need to highlight be replaced by things which the Ancients wouldn’t have known but which make sense in terms of the theme. 
  4. You should add at least 3 other more modern elements to update the temple.
  5. Make a list that indicates what the 7 elements are and how they have been changed, as well as what the 3 elements are that you are adding. This list can either be on the poster board or hanging off of it.  
  6. Due date, April 3







Alex Caropelo

Pg.192 exercise:156


Erunt    They will be

Demonstratum est         It has been shown

Constituit          He decided

Parabitur          They were leading

Ducebant          They were leading

Relictus est       He had been left behind

Mittetur            It will be sent

Portaris            You are being carried

Videbamus       We were seeing

Ambulavit         She has walked


Pg.197 Verbs and Adverbs


Cado                I fall

Cogo                I collect

Conficio           I finish

Constituo          I decide

Convenio          I assemble

Dedo                I surrender

Deligo              I choose

Dormio I sleep

Excito               I stir up

Incendo            I burn

Opprimo          I overcome

Plurimum posse            To be most powerful

Plus posse        To be more powerful

Recipio I take back

Suscipio           I take up

Page 193 No. 158


in pluribus urbibus       in very many cities

ex fortuna minoribus    out of smaller springs

virtutem maximam       the greatest courage

vox optima                  best voice

de muris altiorbu                  down from higher walls

plus aquae                   more water

tempus magis idoneum more suitable time

rei pessimae                of the worst thing; to/for the worst thing

ad partem meliorem     toward a better part

cum maiore exercitu     with a bigger army

die longiore                 on a longer day

plurimas vivitates         very many states

finel peiorem               worse end

annos optimos             best years

soror minima               smallest sister


Page 208



Amaturus, -a, -um  about to love

Ducturus, -a, -um    about to lead

Auditurus, -a, -um  about to hear

Iturus, -a, -um        about to go

Habiturus, -a, -um   about to have

Capturus, -a, -um    about to seize

Futurus, -a, -um      about to be

Laturus, -a, -um      about to carry



Amandus, -a, -um   deserving to be loved, being loved

Habendus, -a, -um  deserving to be had

Ducendus, -a, -um  deserving to be led

Capiendus, -a, -um  deserving to be taken

Audiendus, -a, -um deserving to be heard

Eundus, -a, -um      deserving to be gone

Faciendus, -a, -um  deserving to be made

Ferendus, -a, -um   deserving to be carried


Connor Brogan

Pg190 B


Bonus               good

Magnus            large

Malus               bad

Parvus              small

Multus              much

Multi                many

Melior              better

Maior                larger

Peior                 worse

Minor               smaller

Plures               more

Optimus           best

Maximus           largest

Pessimus           worst

Minimus            smallest

Plurimus            most

Alyna Orecharova


Page 184  

Exercise 201:147


  1. quindecim         fifteen
  2. November        nine     
  3. viginti                twenty
  4. quinque            five
  5. sedecim            sixteen
  6. decembre         ten
  7.  tres      three
  8. septendecim     seventeen
  9. quattuor            four
  10. undecim            eleven
  11. centum one hundred
  12. quattuordecim   fourteen
  13. Octo                eight
  14.  undeviginti       nineteen
  15. duo      two
  16. tredecim           thirteen
  17. September        seven
  18. Unus    one
  19. duodeviginti      eighteen
  20. mille     one thousand

Joe Abbate


Pg 189




Exercise 151.


iter difficile                    a difficult way, road

domum miseram           a wretched home

viroum liberorum           if the free men

timores acres                keen fears

exercitus similes            similar armies

diem longum                 on a long day, for a long day

in monte alto                 on a high mountain

flumina celeria   swift rivers

vias lastas                     wide streets

Puellarum puchrarum    of pretty girls


Exercise 152.


viae angustiores            narrower streets

puer altior                     a taller boy

puellarum laetiorum       of happier girls

populus amicior            a friendlier people

iter longius                    a longer road, way

in loci gratioribus           in more pleasing places

soroum clariorum          of more famous sisters

hiemem longiorem         a longer winter, for a longer winter

flumina latiora               wider rivers     

virum audaciorem         bolder man





Exercise 168


Monere                  to warn

Auxisse                  to have increased

Iaci                         to be thrown

positurum esse        to be about to place

fugisse                    to have fled

impedire                 to hinder

natavisse                 to have swum

territurum esse        to be about to frighten

mansisse                 to have remained

auditurum esse        to be about to hear

scripsisse                to have written

pugnaturum esse     to be about fight

laudaturum esse      to be about to praise

excitari                   to be aroused

petitum esse            to have been sought

mittere                    to send

tangi                       to be touched

oppugnatum esse    to have been attacked

sciri                        to be known

gesturum esse         to be about to carry on

accipi                     to be received

victum esse to have been conquered

dici                         to be said

ambulaturum esse   to be about to walk


Victoria Chan

178:195 Vocabulary Review: Pronouns, Adjectives, and Verbs


  1. ego                               I
  2. nos                               we
  3. qui                                who
  4. tu                                 you
  5. vos                               you (plural)
  6. decem                          ten
  7. difficilis             difficult
  8. Marathonius                 of Marathon
  9. primus                          first
  10. accido                          happen
  11. appello                         address/call
  12. conloco                        place
  13. conspicio                      observe
  14. cupio                            desire
  15. discedo                        withdraw
  16. educo                           lead out
  17. impedio                        hinder
  18. instruo                          draw up/form
  19. pervenio                       arrive
  20. prohibeo                       keep off/hinder
  21. reduco                          lead back
  22. rego                             rule
  23. relinquo                        leave behind
  24. reperio                         find/discover
  25. scio                              know

Page 196 No 159


Latus                            wide

Late                             widely

Latior                           wider

Latius                           more widely

Latissimus                     very wide

Latissime                      very widely

Liber                            free

Libere                          freely

Liberior                        freer

Liberrimus                    very free

Liberius                        more freely

Liberrime                      very freely

Pulcher                         pretty

Pulchrior                       more pretty

Pulcherrimus                 very pretty

Pulchre                         prettily

Pulchrius                       more prettily

Pulcherrime                  very prettily

Celer                            swift

Celeriter                       swiftly

Celerior                        swifter

Celeries                        more swiftly

Celerrimus                    very swift

Celerrime                     very swiftly

Acer                             keen

Acriter                          keenly

Acrior                          keener

Acriusmore                   keenly

Page 196, Practice Exercise 213: No.161


bene     good

magnopere       greatly

male     badly

multum much

parum   little

diu        long

saepe   often

diutius   longer

plus      more

magis    more

melius   better

peius    worse

minus    less

saepius more often

maxime most

plurimum          most

diutissime          longest

saepissime        most often

optime  best

pessime            worst


Grace Brennan


Page 197 #214 Vocab, Nouns




Aestas        Summer

Creusa       Creusa

Cupido       Cupid

Difficultas   Difficulty

Fons           Fountain, Spring

Hiems         Winter

Imperium    Command

Lux            Light

Maritus       Husband

Matrimonium          Marriage

Multitudo    Great Number

Onus          Weight, Burden

Oraculum   Oracle

Plus            More

Portus        Harbor, Port

Psyche       Psyche

Soror         Sister

Uxor          Wife

Ventus        Wind

Verbum      Word


Pg 194 

Exercise 211:A-2

bene                 well

magnopere       greatly

male                 badly

multum much

parum               little

diu                    long

saepe               often

melius               better

magis                more

peius                worse

plus                  more

minus                less

diutius               longer

saepius             more often

optime              best     

maxime most

pessime            worst

plurimum          most

minime  least

diutissime          longest

saepissime        most often


Pg 198

Exercise 164

Longiorem hiemem                   the longer winter, for the longer winter

Pulcherrima aestas                    the very pretty summer

Longissimorum annorum           of the longest years

Dulcius verbum             the sweeter word

Onus simillimum                        a very similar burden

Vocis immortalis                       of an immortal voice

Iter facilius                                easier way, journey

Luces clariores             clearer lights

Difficultatis acerrimae    of a very keen difficulty

Maritorum fortiorum                 of stronger husbands


Chrissy Theiss

March 17th 2010

Latin, Mr. Hayes


Page 178, activity 195 vocab nouns


Acies-        keeness

Adventus-  arrival, approach

athenae-     Athena

civitas-       state, citzenship, city-state

cornu-        horn

dies-           day

domus-       house, home, residence

Eurydice-   Eurydice

Exceritus-   army

Hellespontus-the Hellespont

Hero-         hero

impetus-     attack, onset, rapid motion/ impulse, passion

inopia-        want, scarcity

leander-      leander

manus-       hand, group

natura-       nature

nihil,           nil-nothing

Orpheus-    Orpheus

Passus-      pace

Persae-      Perseus


Regio-        region, boundry

Regnum-    kingdom

Res-           thing, matter

Sparta-       Sparta

Spes-         hope


Turris-        tower


Rebekkah Perrone




page 194, exercise 211, part A, number 1


longe                far

misere              unhappily

pulchre             beautifully

acriter               keenly

fortiter              bravely

facile                easily

longius              farther

miseries            more happily

pulchrius           more beautifully

acrius               more keenly

fortius               more bravely

facilius              more easily

longissime         farthest

miserrime          more unhappily

pulcherrime       most beautifully

acerrime           most keenly

fortissimo          most bravely

facillime            most easily




page 198, exercise 215, number 163


una ex sororum one of the sisters

tria flumina                    three rivers

duos annos                   two years; for two years

mille anni                      a thousand years

duas uxores                  two wives

centum verba                a hundred words

unius vocis                    of one voice

viginti fontes                  twenty springs, fountains

quarta hora                   the fourth hour; in the fourth hour

quinto die                     on the fifth day

secundo anno               in the second year

septimum verbum          the seventh word

primum oraculum          the first oracle

in quarto portu              in the fourth harbor, port

ex sexta porta               out of the sixth gate, door




latin period 5


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