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Period 8

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Gens Togata 




Practice adjectives and adverbs, first using scatter, then space race






When you are comfortable with the quizlet exercises, move on to the following Quia.com sites.  Make sure that you log in so that Mr. Hayes can track what you have done.

Roman Calendar dates http://www.quia.com/rr/424208.html

Ancient places http://www.quia.com/rr/424155.html

Roman History battleship http://www.quia.com/ba/247919.html

Rome from republic to empire http://www.quia.com/rd/148846.html

Roman culture/ history challenge http://www.quia.com/rr/435519.html

Roman Vocabulary and History http://www.quia.com/rr/435592.html

Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii in 79 AD http://www.quia.com/sh/111586.html

Rome from Republic to Empire http://www.quia.com/rd/154966.html

Between now and the NLE you should consult  some of the sites listed on the Culture page.  They are a good review of all that you've learned per tantos annos.


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