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Period 9

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Sententiae thanks to Kyra


1. plus apud me vera ratio valebat quam vulgi opinio - I'm more interested in the true value of something rather than what everyone else said.


2. exigua pars est vitae quam nos vivimus - we waste a lot of our life.


3. multa quae impedita natura sunt consilio expediuntur - things which have natural obstacles can be overcome with a plan.


4. ars non ea est quae ad effectum casu venit - art is planned out.


5. satis in ipsa conscientia pulcherrimi facti fructus est - doing a good deed brings great enjoyment.


6. nil homine terra peius ingrato creatur - nothing on earth is like an ungrateful man.


7. in virtute posita est vera felicitas - in courage true happiness will be placed; If you do good deeds, you will be happy.


8. maxime admirantur eum qui pecunia non movetur - they greatly admire he who is not moved by means of money; We admire people who can't be bought off.


9. nihil est simul et inventum et perfectum - nothing is at the same time invented and perfected; If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.


10. fertilior seges est alienis semper in agris - the crop is always more fertile in foreign fields; The grass is always greener on the other side.


11. brevis ipsa vita est sed malis fit longior - life itself is short, but it is made longer by evils; When you are in a bad situation, time seems to go slowly.


12. cura equens pecuniam crescentem gravis est - the care for making your money grow is heavy; If you want to make momey, you have to work harder.


13. ibit eo quo vis, qui zonam perdidit - people will do anything for money.


14. quidquid sub terra est, in apricum proferet aetas - time reveals everything.


15. qui non est hodie cras minus aptus erit - don't trust a procrastinator; He who isn't able today will be less able tomorrow.


16. non sum ego quod fueram - I am not what I was.


17. vixi et quem dederat cursum fortuna peregi - I have finished the course which fortune has given me; I've done what I was supposed to do in life/I have lived the life I was supposed to.


18. hae nuagae seria ducent in mala - these little nothings will lead to big things; You can say something isn't important, but it can become important.


19. gloriam qui spreverit, veram habebit - he who doesn't care about fame will have true fame; In the end, people are going to know you for doing the right thing.


20. Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit - the Romans conquered the Greeks, but the Greeks gave their culture to them.


21. omnia summa consecutus es, virtute duce - you have done the greatest with courage being your guide; courage leads the way to success.


22. victorem a victo superari saepe videmus - we often see a winner to be overcome by a victim; someone who is a victor today can be a loser tomorrow.


TPR 2nd q, 2011-2012, 2nd quarter.doc  



sent 11-12, 1st q, 9th p.doc





Toga! Toga! Toga!


Questions for Letters of Recommendation.doc


Background for AP next year: Read in Plutarch, the lives of Crassus, Cicero, Pompey, Anthony, Brutus, Caesar. You can find a test of Plutrach here: http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/674/pg674.html

but there are more modern translations. Don't stress over knowing everything, but just get a sense of what was happening.

Background for Augustus, a great article by Gareth Fagin; http://www.roman-emperors.org/auggie.htm 


You can find lots of translations of the Aeneid at Amazon--try not to get anything more than 50 years old.



TPR for year end quiz



sententiae 10-11, p9, 4th q.doc

sent. 10-11, p 9 all year list (d).doc  

Daedalus and Icarus for Final exam Daedalus all in MW.doc  Daedalus all in MW.doc 24.6 KB

Latin D final

acies, aciei battle line

aether, aetheris upper air

Ala,ae wing

Antrum,I cave

Astrum,I star

castra, castrorum camp

Colo,colere, colui, cultus worship. cultivate

Ensis,is sword

Facies,ei face, appearance

Ferus,a,um wild

fidus,a,um faithful

Figo, figere, fixi, fixus


Iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctus

Lateo, latere, latui

Latus, lateris

Lego, legere, legi, lectus Lucus,us

Metus,usNimbus, i

pontus, i

Posco, poscere, poposci


Praeceps, praecipitis

Premo,premere, pressi, pressus

Quiesco,quiescere. Quievi. Quietus

Seco, secare, secui, sectus

Impleo, implere. Impevi, impletus

scopulus, i

Senex, senis

sino, sinere, sivi, situs



tergum, I

Torqueo, torquere, torsi, tortus

Verto, vertere, verti, versus

Vestigium,I Vultus,us

Volucer, volucris


Your final exam will be open notes. You may bring in as many copies of the reading as you like with whatever you like written therein. Nothing, however, can be printed except the actual Latin lines.


You are responsible for all there is to know about this text: translation, scansion, vocabulary forms, grammatical analysis, mark-up, literary devices (including allusions to other stories), background.


You may consult whomever you want and take what notes you need, and brings those notes to the test itself. At the end of the test, all your work will be handed in.


Sententiae:sententiae 10-11, per 9, 3rd q.doc


3. http://quizlet.com/4888334/1st-plu-present-system-active-flash-cards/


4. http://quizlet.com/4888437/1st-plural-present-system-passive-flash-cards/



Capitoline p.p. examplesCapitoline Epigraphy power point.ppt

project due March 29  epitaphs project, March 2011.doc


A: Ariel, Jon, Eleanor    1,   3,   6,   2540


B: Kelsey, Will, Brianna           2  4   5  26   50


C Jack, Adam, Sarah     7,     11     13,     27,41,     42


D Jesse, Lucy, Kyle     9,     12,     15     16,      30,      39


E Anna, LiYan, Frank      11,     17,      21,     23,     29,     34


F Caitlin, Julianna, Erik      18,     22,      24,     28,      33,       38,      43


Inscriptions Some Latin inscriptions, I Barrow, Greece & Rome , Feb 1934.doc  


epitaphs for gladiators and workers.doc


ROMAN EPITAPHS w vocab.doc


Wednesday 16

Quiz: Name that meter


Sententaie review

Sententiae quiz on Friday


Tuesday 18

reviewed scansion--no test, no copy machine!

Test tomorrow

H.W. as  assigned Tuesday


Friday 14

Take an article from a printed source (although you may use the on-line edition). Print it out. Pick the first 25 words of 2 or more syllables (do not count suffixes:-ment,-or, -er, -ly, -hood, -ion, -en etc, or-es, ing, -ed.) Look them up (most easily done on dictionary.com) to find the word origin. You only need to find the original source, not all the individual points in between (old French, middle English). Many will have a Latin origin but not all. List whatever is there. On a separate sheet, list the 25 words and the word that it comes from, again, whatever the language.

Due Wednesday, 19th

Wednesday 5


Finish Catullus 7

Discuss difference in stye between 5 and 7

Quiz tomorrow on fors 5 and 7


Tuesday scansion quiz

mark-up Catullus 7-translate

no h.w.--but you will have a quiz son on forms in Catullys 5 and 7


Monday, January 3


review Catullus 5 for literary approaches

start Catullus 7, scansion, start tranlsation.

h.w. scansion quiz


Historiated Initials St. Brendan letters are found here


Iulius Obsequens News Show, Due December 22Iulius Obsequens radio show.doc

ST. Brendan Illuminated Manuscript project


St. Brendan manuscript project.doc

exampleshistoriated initials.doc

sites to looks at:






Iulius obsequens allIULII OBSEQUENTIS general class use.doc,,Iulius Obsequens, Short years.doc 

vocabulary: iulius obsequens, abc.doc


Wednesday 15

check h.w. -mark up Catullus 39

translate Catullus 39

quiz tomorrow on all active forms of 3rd conjugation



Tuesday 14

start CAtullus 39-Egnatius

meter, basic info

H.W. mark-up as much as possible



2nd day of passer.




Thursday 2

Review scansion


h.w. scansion quiz tomorrow


Wednesday 1




scan the whole page


Tuesday 30

Last day of I.O. work

start Catulus 50--hendecasyllabics


Monday 29


I.O. in groups working on your own paragraph


Thursday 18

Computer lab http://quizlet.com/3475320/case-forms-123-decl-flash-cards/



h.w. 10 mirabilia from Iulius Obsequens


Wednesday 17

Check h.w.

Mine pages for as much info as possible.

h.w. 4 new pages--find 10 ideas



Watch St. B video.

Pass out short years of Iulius Obsequens

h.w. find 10 things that showthe power of the gods.


Monday 15

St. Brendan pictures


Friday 5

Finish 28b

Introduce illuminated project

Bring in 7 sentences from conputer lab for Monday


Thursday 4

Sententiae quiz

Finish 28A ist half 28b

Mark-up and try to translate last of 28b


Wednesday 3

Review sententiaeIst half 28a

H.w. Sententiae quiz cras



TPR quizzes

Finish 23


Monday 1

Discuss tpr

Start 23

Quiz tomorrow tpr


Friday 29

Go over tpr, review sententiae for test http://quizlet.com/3279990/tpr-per9-1stq-10-11-flash-cards/

should have 10 sentences done for Monday


Thursday 28 computer lab

Write a sentencein Latin demonstrating each of the syntactical features learned thuis far

Have five done by Friday

h.w., First half of St. B. 23a



discuss 23 A

TPR need meanings?



Tranlate StB 23 A in groups


Monday 25

infinitive quiz fill inthe blank

Make list of TPR words TPR Period 9 10.26.10.doc


Thursday and Friday21,22


Tiberius, Nero



Infinitive quiz

St. B


Tuesday 19

no quiz--no copier!

finish St. B reading

Start verb review--perfect active

hw. quiz on infinitives!!!


Monday 18

St b 19 start, finish 2nd paragaraph together of for hw

hw. quizon infinitives


Friday 15

Present cognates posters

Read StB 19

H.W. redo test on 10, quiz on infinitives Tuesday



Quiz on St 1,2 pages



Wednesday 13

finish StB17

hand out quiz to redo

hw: quiz on ist 2 pages of Voc


Tuesday 12

Do St.B 14

Start StB17

Do the 17


Friday 8


Thursday 7





Wednesday 6

quiz on infallible endings


genus irritabile vatum

Odi profanum vulgus et arceo

Eheu, fugaces labuntur anni

Quos vult perder Jupiter dementat

Qualis ab initio

computer lab tomorrow


Tuesday 5

TPR body parts

Check h.w

HW translate first paragraph 13 a


Monday 4

Quiz on 10

h.w. 13a--mark it up


Friday October 1


Talk about words project

Review caput 10 and finish

Quiz Monday on Caput 10


Thursday 30

Hand out 4th quiz

Caput 10 -ist paragraph

2nd to miia in groups, finish for h.w.


Wednesday 29

Hand in quizlet test on case review


forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit

dux femina facti

timeo Danaos et dona ferentes

lupus in fabula

una salus victis nullam sperare salutem


Monday 13

What is a monk?


Tuesday 14

St, B background, raptim Huc


Wednesday 15

Sententiae:cavendi mulla est omittenda occasio, amor misceri cum timore non potest, mulla dies sine linea, nihil incertius vulgo, etiam capillus unus habet suam umbram

quiz on p. 1 of StB vocab


Last 4 lines for homework


Thursday 16



Friday 17

quiz on page two

hang sententiae

start  puppet project


Monday 20

quiz on StB vocab, 3d page

Hang mosaics


Tuesday 21


finish stB 2

Start 4 in groups 

Quiz on page four of vocab


Wednesday 22

Quiz on vocab p.4



Thursday 23

st. b 4

bring tunica


Friday 24

Funeral games for Vergil

HW quiz on all 4 pages bring 16 words


Monday 27

Quiz on 1-4

Read StB 6

HW-review StB 6


Tuesday, 28

open-ended forms quiz on StB6

computer lab-declensions review

hw make and take a quiz

Summer 2010: All information about summer prep for next year's AP Vergil Class will be found on the AP Vergil Page




Daedalus and Icarus for final exam

Daedalus all in MW.doc



March 24 quizlets on 3rd sing verbs




March 23--the promised Hyginus 


Hyginus, March 08.doc





Latin D expectations 2009.doc


12/06/09 participles from the Tale of the witches



Literary Devices from Kentucky




Literary Devices Song Project--Due December 15th

Literary devices song project December 09.doc


epitome January 2007.doc 


Tale of the Witches, November 09

Tale of the Witches.doc


Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 296

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 295

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 294 

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 292

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 291

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 290

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 288

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 286

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 285

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 297 

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 284

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 283 

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 282

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 281

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 274

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 253 

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 252

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 251

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 248

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 276

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 73

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 70

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 69

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 67

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 64

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 58

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 57

 Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 287 

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 277

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 275

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 272

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 268

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 266

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 265

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 261

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 260

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 259

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 254

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 247

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 255

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 271

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 56

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 312

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 303


Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 300

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 293

Bologna, Museo Archeologico, epigraphy 289

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